1v1 CS:GO Tournament 4th Qualifier

1v1 CS:GO Tournament 4th Qualifier

ESL will be sponsoring 5 qualifiers and 1 final 1v1 tournament at Java Gaming Cafe to promote the Dallas ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals on Jun 3-4th. We will be giving away entry tickets, swag, and a chance to play a professional CS:GO player provided by ESL at our events. We’ll be hosting 1v1 tournaments in two categories: (1) 18 yrs old and younger and (2) over 18 yrs old (you will need proof of age i.e. driver’s license, high school ID, etc). Each category will have 5 qualifier tournaments spaced out throughout the months leading to the event.


April 1st- 1st qualifier

April 15th- 2nd qualifier

May 6th- 3rd qualifier

May 13th – 4th qualifier

May 20th – 5th qualifier

May 27th – Finals

To encourage as many people as possible to participate, we’re going to have one sign-up page. During sign-ups, you’ll list your preferred qualifier date to play and we will schedule people accordingly until all five qualifier dates are full. Once we schedule all the initial sign-ups, we’ll give people the chance to play in multiple qualifiers of their choice (We just want to make sure everyone gets a chance to play, and it’s not the same 20 people in all 5 tournaments). If you are a finalist (Top 2) in a qualifier then you cannot compete in other qualifiers. The top two from each qualifier will play in a final tournament set on May 27th. The 10 in the 18 yrs old and younger category and 10 in the over 18 yrs old category (20 total) will be guaranteed prizing from ESL. The 20 finalist (10 in the under 18 category and 10 in the over 18 category) will face off in the final 1v1 tournament where the winner of the respective categories will play against a professional CS:GO player at the ESL event.

Tournament Rules:

Max People: 32 per qualifier per category, 10 per category for the Finals

Location: Java Gaming Café (Must be played on designated computers, 128 tick LAN server)

2701 Old Denton Rd #132, Carrollton, TX 75007

Date: Various Dates posted above

Entry Fee: FREE!

Competition Method: 1 vs. 1

Maps allowed: aim_redline

Mode: Custom (Competitive Mode)

Tournament Mode: Single Elimination best of 3

Finals are Best of 3

Seeding: Randomly generated and posted on Challonge.com

Restrictions: There are no restrictions at this time. At the discretion of​ the Head Admin, restrictions may be added.

*No outside food or drinks