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Community Driven Experience

At Java Gaming Cafe, we take gaming seriously. That is why we spare no expense to give our gamers the arsenal they need to dominate their opponents. Java is equipped with high end PCs that run nVidia GTX 1070s and 1080s connected to 144 Hz or 240 Hz monitors.  Our 61 PCs give you the leading edge to outclass your opponents. Our cafe provides quality drinks served right to your PC, refueling you to stay ahead of the game for longer. Come see why our community is highly rated and prepare yourself for a new home for all your gaming.

Gaming PC 1
PC Specs

Whether you like FPS, MOBAs, RPGs, or fighting games, our PCs are sure to give you a smooth gaming experience.

  • 52 high end PCs with GTX 1070 and i5-6600k
  • 9 higher end PCs with GTX 1080 and i7-7700k
  • 30 towers connected to 27-inch 144hz 1ms monitors
  • 31 towers connected to 24-inch 240hz 1ms monitors
  • Every station is equipped with a mouse, keyboard, and headset
  • 2 Six-man team rooms for group practice.
  • A 2 PC stream booth set up with a physical mixer and green screen
  • Streaming PC has Ryzen 7 1800x and gaming PC has GTX 1080Ti
PC Games
Console Gaming

Java is not just about PC gaming. We also have 3 hour console gaming passes for only $8!

  • PlayStation 4
  • Wii U
  • XboxOne
Console Games


Contact us for prices and reservations for hosting parties for any occasion!